Studio Hire & Tuition 

Contact for studio info hire.

Electronic music production facilities 

Audio recording  Composing / Mixing / Mastering

Record & release your record online to the Apple itunes music store and over 20 other online music outlets with 
internet Music publishing , promotion & advertising. 
Build a Website to Host Music links & Artist pages

Demo video construction / Youtube upload

Artist page Google & Meta Tag optimising

Massive synthesiser sound library preloaded

Music technology tuition in software & hardware programming 

Learn to use analog & digital synths while making your music

one on one training and advice for recording and production

No deep end learning curve , free advice and help 24/7 

Bring your music demos and tracks for completion

Master your Reason songs files and Tracker mods with         Re-noise together with Logic Studio Pro or Protools
other sound formats also catered for , please ask.

Your music is your own , no studio takes or percentages 

Basic Studio Hire rates

Low rates for computer only tasks 
Mixing  , Web page , Video , Artwork , Promotion , FTP 
includes engineer.

Studio use POA. 
Recording , Editing , Programming , Composing 
includes engineer.


North london / Greater london
J26 M25 Waltham Abbey Essex 

1 min from M25  
5 mins from A10
5 mins from M11  
15 mins from A406

Flexible Hire Times

Reduced rates for Advanced booking hire
From 1 hour upwards
Reduced rates for full day Hire
Reduced rates for 5 day Hire
Split days or times to suit your schedule
No running clock thru time outs   

Limited studio / p.a equipment Hire

UK tel  : 0786 539 9124

Other Studio services:

Virtual sound recordings Global 

Convert your MIDI files to:-

Access Virus, Roland TB-303, SH-101, Future retro 777   Revolution, KORG Prophecy, MS2000, EMU Morpheus , Super Nova , RS7000 Sample trax and more...  

Virtual Studio

Computer Training Mac / PC 

OSX / Windows XP / Win 7

Learn computer basics and internet skills , 
webpage design  , home networking set up 
virus protection , removal and more. - Mac

Studio INFO


Future Retro Revolution
Future Retro 777
Roland          SH-101
Roland          TB-303
Technics      SL1210 


Access  Virus
Emu     Morpheus 
Korg     Prophecy 
Korg     MS2000
Novation Nova


Korg          EM-1
Quasimidi 309
Yamaha     RY30


Yamaha RS7000
Reason  V4
Renoise OSX


Tube Ultragain T1953
Tube Ultrafex   T1954
Audio Logic      PA88A
Behringer        Dualfex
Kenton             Pro2


Ensoniq  DP2
Korg       A1
Lexicon   MPX500
Linn        Adrenalin III
Yamaha  Dolby Prologic
Xeon DSP Audio units
Xeon DSP Logic Audio


Apple    MacPro Xeon
Audio    Logic Audio
Video     iMovie  / FCP
Motu      Firewire + ADAT I/O
Internet  Cable ADSL 2
Storage  6TB+ SATA
Sharing DVD / CDROM / FTP 


Yamaha  A1 surround AMP
Rotel      RX1603 Power AMP
Celestion  A1      Monitor
Celestion  A4C   Centre
Celestion  A5R   Surround
Celestion  Road 1522 Main
Celestion  A6s   200w Sub
Celestion  AUX 18 inch Sub

Studio : Programming

Film works
Hip hop

Virtual Studio Info  

Virtual sound recordings 
Convert MIDI files  
Choose instruments
Drop box or DATA DVD 
24bit. Kenspocket

iTunes Nature : The Hand of Time

iTunes K.P One Life 一生活


Kenspocket Merchandise 

Pre-order 10% discount

Soundwave Samples

Virtual Recordings

Midi tools